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The Church Template

We did the hard work. You get a great website.

It’s seriously that easy. We’ve spent years creating customized templates so that we can provide you with a great website at less than 20% of the original cost.

The Church Template comes in one of three pre-made layouts. Each layout is totally customizable to your church with places for pictures, your logo, and even your church colors throughout.

What you get

when using The Church Template

Custom Design

While your website will be using a pre-made template, we customize everything on it so that it is uniquely you. Pictures, video, and customized content allow your website to stand out from the crowd.

Built For Mobile

The majority of the internet is viewed on a mobile device. The Church Template is designed with the mobile experience in mind and is 100% mobile friendly.

Target Audience

We know your website is your digital billboard. The Church Template is designed to give all the information a first-time guest would need in one easy-to-read layout.

Detailed Training

With The Church Template, you get detailed personal training along with enhanced training documents so you can keep your website content up to date with everything going on in your church.

Wordpress Based

You need to be able to edit and update it easily. Because of this, The Church Template is powered by WordPress – the #1 content management system in the world.

Top Shelf Hosting

By hosting the site for you, you have no headaches to worry about. All software will be updated regularly, content is backed up daily, and your site is protected with proprietary security enhancements.


of potential guests will look at your website before coming to your church


of the Internet is viewed on a mobile device


of potential guests under 25-years-old view the Internet mainly on mobile devices

Want to hear from others?

Thoughts from current churches


Chris Jessen

Two Rivers Church
Chattanooga, TN

The Church Template has been an incredible asset in making us look much better than we really are. Most importantly – they get US. And they’re able to translate our personality and vision into our website.


David Vogel

Two Cities Church
Winston-Salem, NC

The Church Template changed the scope of what we were able to do as we launched our church. The turn around time on the entire project was extremely quick and all deadlines were met with time to spare. They have experience in church ministry and streamlined processes that enabled our organization to gain a strong public presence immediately.


Zack Casey

City Awakening Church
Orlando, FL

It was great to hand over the initial web-page design and launch to The Church Template. They took care of everything that we needed. Communication with them was quick and simple, and I always felt like I could trust the work I was getting at a price that was appropriate for a church plant. 


Three great packages to choose from




We set everything up.
You input all the content.

Your choice of template
Basic installation
Eight basic pages
Monthly Hosting

Software Updates
Content Backups

Customize content/branding
Six hours of new content creation




We do everything.
You sit back and relax.

Your choice of template
Basic installation
Eight basic pages
Monthly Maintenance
Software Updates
Content Backups
Customize content/branding
Six hours of new content creation




We do everything for you.
Plus a little bit more.

Your choice of template
Basic installation
Eight basic pages
Software Updates
Content Backups
Customize content/branding
Six hours of new content creation

*Plus a $45/month hosting fee.


Twin City

The Heights

The Refuge


Frequently asked questions

Are there any hidden fees?

No. The prices we have listed are what we charge. That means you will pay the price of the package you choose plus $45/month for hosting. With that said, you must own your domain name or we can help you buy it.

What comes with the hosting?

We host your site on servers that are incredibly fast. They’re also equipped by proprietary software to protect your website from malware and malicious attacks. On top of that, we make sure your software is updated regularly so your site will be running at optimal speeds. Lastly, it also includes regular site backups in case anything ever goes wrong.

Where do you get the pictures for the sites?

You will provide us with those pictures. We can give you exact specifications for what we need once we get started. Some churches have photographers in their church and choose to use them to take the photos. Others can’t afford that and simply use their iPhone and that works great as well!

What's up with the long scrolling front page?

We know this is a new style of website and is different than your traditional church website. We do it for one big reason:

It’s easier for a potential guest to read on their mobile device.

With everything they need on one long scrolling page, there’s no annoying links to click, no back and forth between pages, and no frustration in finding information.

Can we integrate online giving?

Of course! If you have an online giving resource that you already use, we can work that in to your website at no extra cost. If you don’t, we can help get you set up on one of the great resources available.

We have an upgrade we'd like but it's not listed.

Not a problem at all. The upgrades to The Church Template are pretty limitless. Would you like to integrate an e-mail newsletter? Or do you need to integrate a church management system such as The City or Fellowship One? We can definitely do that. Let’s talk about it and we can give you the pricing for that.

Can we have a blog?

That’s a great question. The short answer is yes, but it’ll be considered an upgrade. The blogging capability is built in to The Church Template. We charge extra to set it up because we customize the sidebars, customize the display, and make sure it’s working perfect before we hand it off to you. You can definitely do this on your own if you have the capacity.

I have more questions.

Awesome. Feel free to contact us and we’ll answer anything we can.

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