Church Website templates

You shouldn’t have to pass the plate to get a great website

Save thousands of dollars over custom church websites


Clear navigation geared to new guests


Professional writing prompts to connect with your audience


Intentional and clear call to action

We set the site up for you and customize the branding

You input your content and photos into the template

You get a great website while saving thousands

Website plans starting at $200/month

A custom website typically costs between $10,000-$15,000 – or more!

We’ve taken our best performing custom websites and developed a version for you to have at only a fraction of that price.


Clearly defined next steps


Intentional connection points


Helping your guests see a better future

Let’s be honest: people decide if they’re coming to your church based on how your website looks.

It’s not fair – and it’s not how it should be – but it’s the reality of the world we live in.

Built in sermon library

People want to know what they’ll experience at your church. Your sermon library lets you show them.

Everything is fully customizable

Sure, it’s a template, but you can change it and customize it to fit the unique needs of your church.

Tutorials to guide you

We’ve created a tutorial video for every single page to help you along the way.

Choose Your Template

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The Salem Template

The Cities Template

We get it: you’re a church staffer, not a web designer.

That’s why we don’t expect you to do this on your own. We’ve taken nearly ten years of working with pastors, church staffers, and ministry leaders just like you and created a process anyone can follow.

On top of that, we’ve recorded tutorial videos for every single element of your site so you know you’re doing it right.

Others have done it.

You can too.

Get the most out of your new website

Your website from The Church Template includes writing prompts to help you write engaging copy that will connect with your website visitors.

This free email campaign will send you five emails spread across five days to help you determine your one-of-a-kind flavor so you can write copy that sets your church apart from every other church in town.

Pricing Options

Every church is different. We have multiple pricing options to serve what your church needs.


So how does this whole thing work?

What do you mean by I put in the content?

Great question!

We've set up The Church Template in a way that allows you to input the copy and photos for your website. Weve created tutorial videos for every single page that show you exactly what to do so you know you're doing it right.

What's the process look like?

Once you buy your template and submit your logo/branding information, we'll get the initial site set up within one week (7-days). When you get access to the site, it will already have your logo, colors, and fonts on it.

From there, all you have to do is follow the writing prompts to fill out the information for your church and input in your photos.

Every prompt is there to help you write copy that connects to the person looking for a new church.

Your User Guide has video tutorials to show you how to edit everything on each page so you'll know you're doing it write the entire time.

What are the writing prompts you keep talking about?

On a custom website, we write copy from scratch for the church. That's expensive though. In fact, it's the most expensive part of a custom website.

So what we did was take the principles behind the custom copy we've written and create prompts for you to write similar copy yourself.

On both templates - the Salem and the Cities template - you can see how we've provided ideas for what you should write in each section.

What platform is this built on?

Your website will be built on WordPress using the Divi theme. We've used this theme for church websites for nearly ten years and have created processes so easy the church secretary and non-techy pastor can make edits and changes.

Is there a long-term contract?

Nope! If you decide to do something different for your website, you can cancel at any time with no penalty or fee. We'll download a backup of your site in case you ever want to come back to it and cheer you on to whatever is next for your church.

What is a personal messaging session?

This is the foundation of all our custom projects. We'll sit down with you and 2-3 other members of your leadership to nail down the language and direction for your church.

With this session, you will get a PDF that includes a one-page Brand Narrative to describe your church, a one-liner that quickly describes what makes your church different (think an elevator pitch on steroids), and all the things you need to effective communicate to your church and your community.

What is website hosting?

Your website has to live somewhere on the internet. That's called web hosting. If we were to compare it to real estate, your domain would be your street address whereas your website hosting is the plot of land the house is built on.

If you choose to pay monthly, your website hosting is built in at no extra fee. This gets you daily data backups, malware protection, speed enhancements, and the peace of mind knowing if anything ever breaks, we're here to fix it for you.

If you choose to pay everything up front, we offer hosting for $495/year or you can host the site on your own hosting environment. Totally your call!

What if I have a different question?

Not a problem! Email us and we'll answer it in whatever way we can.

Or, if you'd prefer, you can schedule a call with. usand we'll talk you through anything you need to know.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

There are a billion church website companies. Why should you choose us?

That’s a fair question.

We’ve been creating websites for churches for nearly ten years so we’ve got experience working with people in your shoes. From pre-launch church plants to small rural churches all the way to multi-campus megachurches – and everything in between – we’ve worked with all of them. And here’s what we believe:

Churches are telling the most important story ever told and most people aren’t listening.

There are all sorts of reasons, but when it comes to your marketing and communications, the primary reason is because churches tend to talk about how great their church is more than they talk about how they can meet and solve the problems people in their community are facing.

What makes us different is the websites we create speak directly to how your church can help solve the problem the person reading your website is experiencing. Our sites model the servant leadership Jesus showed us. They say we are here to serve you and point you to the answer you need which you and I both know is ultimately Jesus.

With The Church Template, we’ve standardized and templated the processes we go through with our custom websites to help you get the same results at a fraction of the price because we truly believe you shouldn’t have to pass the plate to get a great website.

If you still have questions, set up a free call with us and we’ll talk you through the entire process and provide any help we can.

And here’s our promise: even if you decide we aren’t the right partner for your church, we’ll help you find someone who is because the Gospel is bigger than business and we believe your community needs to hear from you.